Payment Solutions Refund Policy

1. Introduction

D3DE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (“D3DE TECHNOLOGIES,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) is committed to providing reliable and secure payment solutions to our clients and their websites. This Refund Policy outlines our procedures and guidelines regarding refunds for payment processing services.


2. Eligibility for Refunds

Refunds for payment processing services are typically subject to the terms and conditions agreed upon between D3DE TECHNOLOGIES and the client. Eligibility for a refund is determined by the specifics of the service agreement, as well as the applicable laws and regulations. 


3. Valid Reasons for Refunds

D3DE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED may consider refunds in the following situations:

      • Overpayment: If a client’s website is charged an incorrect amount or multiple times due to a technical error on our part, a refund will be issued for the overcharged amount.
      • Unauthorized Transactions: In the event of unauthorized transactions or fraudulent activities, we will investigate the issue promptly. If it is determined that the transactions were indeed unauthorized, we will refund the affected amount.
      • Service Not Provided: If we fail to deliver the agreed-upon payment processing services to the client, a refund for the service fee will be issued.

4. Refund Request Procedure

Clients seeking a refund should adhere to the following procedures:

      • Contact D3DE TECHNOLOGIES Support:** The client must contact our customer support team as soon as the issue is identified, either by email at support@d3detechnologies.com.
      • Provide Required Information: The client is required to provide all relevant information and documentation related to the refund request, such as transaction details, invoice numbers, and any evidence supporting the refund claim.
      • Cooperate with Investigation: D3DE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED may conduct an internal investigation to determine the validity of the refund request. The client should cooperate and provide any additional information as requested during this process.


5. Refund Process

Upon receipt of a valid refund request and verification of the eligibility for a refund, D3DE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED will proceed with the refund process. This may include:

      • Issuing a refund directly to the client’s designated bank account or payment source.
      • Adjusting the client’s account balance to reflect the refunded amount.

The refund process timeline may vary depending on the nature of the refund and the payment method used. We will make our best efforts to complete the process as quickly as possible.


6. Non-Refundable Charges

Certain fees and charges may be non-refundable as outlined in the client’s website service agreement. These fees can include processing fees, setup fees, and subscription fees that were agreed upon during the service contract negotiation.


7. Amendments to the Refund Policy

D3DE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED reserves the right to modify this refund policy at any time. Clients will be informed of any changes via email or through our website. It is the responsibility of the client to review the policy periodically for any updates.


8. Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns related to this refund policy, please contact our customer support team at:

Email: support@d3detechnologies.com


9. Conclusion

This Refund Policy is designed to ensure fair and transparent procedures for processing refunds of payment processing services provided by D3DE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED. Clients are encouraged to read and understand this policy, and we remain committed to providing the best possible service and support to our clients.